• Monday, August 11th, 2014

Do you know about satellite phones? A satellite phone is a device that is commonly used for military or government outdoor operations. They are used by people who operate within the interior areas and business travellers who go to remote areas where there is no cellular towers or landlines.

Satellite communication systems for mining & construction industryMilpeak satellite phones or sat phones are extremely helpful for people in the mining & construction industry a lot easier. One of the greatest advantages of sat phones is that they do not need signal towers in order to make a call, unlike when you use a regular cell phone. Hence, these devices can be used even in very far areas without relying on cell towers which transmit signals. Instead, the signals are transmitted via artificial satellites in space.

Communication is very important in every business or industry’s growth and development. But regardless of your business’ nature, communication should never become a problem. Just like when you have a mining business or a construction company wherein your employees will be working very far away, sat phones are indeed be very for the communication of your people.

Satellite phones are very versatile communication equipment and you can use them in any area of the world. Click to learn more about satellite phones.

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• Saturday, August 09th, 2014

Crime has always been a major concern these days. For sure you care about your cash, jewellery, gun, and other important files and documents so you wouldn’t want someone to take them away from you. Thus, everyone should consider having a security safe, whether you’re a businessman or simply a homeowner.

Safe supply and installation Perth

A high security safe is not a luxury item. Nevertheless, it is a smart investment that can help stop burglary and protect your investments and personal information. Owning a safe is indeed a smart decision, but before you buy just any safe, it is important to first assess what you need. You can consult a professional locksmith company like Silver Fern Locksmith Perth to asses you with this decision-making.

Keep in mind that not all safes are created equal so you need to be familiar on what type of safe you want to buy. Do you need a safe that can store your documents or a safe that can store large objects? Or do you need a safe for your gun? Whatever item you want to store, there’s a unique type of safe for you.

Another factor to consider before you purchase a safe is the quality and features. There are safes that are fire and water proof. You can also choose whether you want a traditional safe, an electronic or even a biometric safe.

Choosing what type of safe that will best fit your need is very important. Check out to learn more about security safes.

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• Monday, July 28th, 2014

In the SEO circle, people talk about link building. No doubt that many SEOer complain about the difficulty to build quality links, it takes so much efforts, and human relationships often gets involved (humans always make things complicated, don’t we?). How many times you were getting frustrated because you sent hundreds and hundreds of emails out for a link and never got replied? Even though it’s a 3-minutes job for them.

online marketing Perth

Why beg for a link? Offer a link!

Humans are lazy because we are designed to be highly intelligent, and this is why humans are taking advantages of get paid for implementing a link or they will never bother. So in order to get links from them, we need to approach them in a different way – instead of begging for a link, offering them a link.

So am I encouraging buying links or something? Answer is NO, I am not asking you to buy a link. Why should you give the money away? You should invest them on your own site! And buying links is very dangerous. Google is very smart to detect those paid links. If you have budget for buying links, why not just find a great company offering online marketing Perth that can provide quality seo services for you? Or why not use your budget to make some linkable asset that has the potential to go viral?

Let me put you into this situation, you have $1000 budget for building links, would you pay blog owners or website owners $20 each for 50 links? Or would you rather spend these $1000 to design an interesting widget and offer this widget to hundreds of blog and website owners in your niche for free?

For example, if your company offers hypnosis service to stop people smoking (stop smoking hypnotherapy), and you have link building budgets. You searched online for some potential linking opportunities and found that quite a few people are blogging about their experience of quitting smoking. They are enthusiastic to share the results with other people who are trying to stop smoking, and they keep blogging as this is a great way to prevent from smoking again. So instead of asking (maybe even paying) them for a link, why not hire a developer to build a widget to count how many days they’ve stopped smoking? The development work barely costs you few hundred quids and I bet bloggers (who quitted smoking or who is going to) will love it if I offer this widgets to them. As long as they accept the widget, you get quality backlinks!

Link building becomes not that hard once your website is famous or you can offer something funny or useful to other website owners. Although purchasing link is definitely working, and it’s probably the easiest way of getting links (you get money you get everything). But in the end of the day, you will get caught by search engines, and most importantly, you are not spending money to improve your own website, you are paying others to game the search engines. Learn more about link building at

Please bear in your mind, while you are enjoying the success from viral widget, don’t forget to get links from other channels. Link diversity is extremely important, and you will pay if you over-do widget bait link building.


We also have a post on satellite communication.

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• Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Promoting a new product is a really a daunting job as it requires great efforts. But thanks to the advent of the internet, the World Wide Web has become the most powerful tool to promote your new product because of the reach it has. Using the internet, you can promote your product anywhere around the globe.

However, you can never successfully promote your product without proper planning. If you want to promote your product in a synchronized way then you should know a few things. There are numerous ways through which you can promote your product on the internet but you should know the most effective ways to promote them.

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Informing your targeted customers through websites or blogs is one of the most common ways to promote a new product online. If you have a great business website or blog and have been in the industry for quite a while, your customers might check your website regularly. You can inform them about your new products and its features there, but you need to ensure that the information crisp and attractive.

Another excellent way to promote your new product is through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The key to a successful social media promotion is get a high number of social media followers and keep them updated with what is happening to your company. Furthermore, make sure that the pieces of content you share to them are unique and helpful to them.

According to, there are 15 great ways to sell or promote a new product online. Check out this link to read the full article:

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• Tuesday, February 09th, 2016
Business News Perth

Borrowing to invest

Many individuals and most business organisations borrow money at some stage to make a purchase or to invest. Borrowing to invest is known as gearing.

Gearing includes any type of borrowing to invest, whether it is cash loans for purchasing shares, or a large loan for an investment property or a new business. Gearing may be often considered to be highly risky. However, there is good debt as well as bad debt and the association of high risk with gearing only applies if the borrower has failed to plan for their gearing.

One advantage of borrowing to invest is that it allows investors to almost instantaneously access more funds allowing them to reap larger returns on investment. One of the most common ways of gearing is by leveraging your house to borrow. Most people already have a mortgage and you may use this to secure a loan to invest in other assets such as shares, or even another property if you have built up some equity.

On the other hand, there are also risks and disadvantages associated with borrowing to invest. It can increase your returns when markets are rising but losses can be devastating when the markets fall.

To learn more about borrowing to invest, read this article from Australian Securities & Investments Commission’s official website:

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